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Cut Hybrid Battery Costs for Hyundai Sonata & Kia Optima: Shop Replacement Batteries Starting at $1299.95

Hyundai Sonata Hybrid
Hyundai Sonata & Kia Optima Hybrid Batteries from Evergreen Auto Solutions

Evergreen Auto Solutions now offers full support for Hyundai Sonata Hybrid and Kia Optima Hybrid Batteries, from repair - using your existing battery, to higher capacity cell and computer replacement - backed by 1 & 2 Year Warranties at a fraction of the dealer's cost, starting at $1299.95.

We all know visiting the dealer is a less than desirable experience, especially when wait times for parts such as a hybrid battery is around 6 months!

So how much is the dealer option?

$7,695.54 - (MSRP: $10,798.00)

Pictured: Your average wholesaler Hyundai website showing the "discounted" cost of a new hybrid battery.

How long is the Dealer's warranty?

1 Year, that's it.

But wait, there's more:

You also have to figure in the cost of labor, which is "3 hours" (according to Hyundai/Kia) and programming (another 1-2 hours). Factoring all that in you're looking north of $9,000 plus taxes for a vehicle that is worth about that much in clean condition. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know this isn't an economical move in regards to consuming less gasoline.

Pictured: Hyundai / Kia Dealer labor time for hybrid battery replacement - an additional $600+

How Do I Know My Hybrid Battery Is Actually Bad?

Lets take a look at a very common TSB (Technical Service Bulletin) Provided by Hyundai/Kia:

Pictured: Hyundai TSB (also applicable to the Kia Optima Hybrid)

If you've experienced the following:

No "EV Ready" mode at start up

"Ready" blinks on and off with a warning chime

"Check Engine" light illuminated

Charging System warning light illuminated

"Wrench" symbol (service indicator) blinks on and off

With DTC(s) Present:

P0A0D - High Voltage Interlock System Circuit high

P1B25 - High Voltage Path Fault

P1B76 - High Voltage Relay Fault

P1B77 - High Voltage Precharging Fault

We highly encourage you to visit the NHTSA link HERE to view the entire Technical Service bulletin, and contact your local dealer for the remedy under the existing warranty.

What if I've already had that specific Technical Service Bulletin addressed?

Odd's are, you have the following DTC(s) within the vehicle's Battery Management System (BMS):

P1B70 - High Voltage Battery Voltage Too Low

P1B74 - High Voltage Battery Voltage Sensor Circuit

P1B96 - High Voltage Battery Voltage Sensor Circuit Fault

Pictured: BMS scan showing faults specifically indicating repair or replacement of the hybrid battery is needed.

If this is the case, you'll need to have your hybrid battery repaired, or cells entirely replaced based on capacity.

At Evergreen Auto Solutions, what you see is what you get. Our prices ALWAYS include the cost of labor to install, reprogram, and recalibrate anything required when you purchase a rebuilt or new hybrid battery. Beyond that, you have peace of mind knowing your purchase is covered by 1 and 2 year warranties at a fraction of the cost of the Dealer Option, with free diagnostic support throughout the length of your warranty.

If your Hyundai or Kia hybrid is feeling sick, give us a call @ 305-804-9744.


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