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Choosing the Best Extended Warranty for Your Hybrid or Electric Vehicle: Our Top 3 Picks

Having a hard time finding comprehensive extended warranty coverage for your EV or Hybrid? So did we.

Plug in hybrid vehicle charging
Unique components on Hybrids and EVs can be covered with extended warranties - find the best one for your needs!

Searching for extended warranty coverage for electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrids can be a frustrating experience, as many providers tout extensive coverage that often falls short upon closer examination, particularly for essential powertrain components like battery packs and hybrid systems. Amidst a sea of ambiguous offers and complex terms, we've done the heavy lifting for you! We've found three standout companies that deliver comprehensive, transparent, and genuinely useful warranty plans tailored for EV and hybrid owners.

Comprehensive Comparison:

Liberty STF, American Auto Shield, and Xcelerate Auto Warranty Services

When it comes to protecting your hybrid or electric vehicle (EV), selecting the right warranty provider is crucial. In this blog, we compare two closely related companies, Liberty STF and American Auto Shield, with a third, Xcelerate Auto, which specializes exclusively in EVs with a focus on Tesla owners.

Liberty STF and American Auto Shield: Twins in Service

Liberty STF and American Auto Shield provide extended vehicle warranty services that are remarkably similar, both in scope and operation. These companies collaborate closely, with Liberty STF often seen as the arm that extends American Auto Shield's offerings into specific markets like Florida.


Both companies offer comprehensive plans that cover a broad range of vehicle parts and systems, suitable for both traditional and hybrid vehicles. While they do not specialize exclusively in EVs, their coverage is robust and designed to meet the needs of most vehicle owners looking for peace of mind beyond the manufacturer's warranty.

Customer Service:

With a shared philosophy on customer service and satisfaction, both Liberty STF and American Auto Shield prioritize responsive and effective support. This approach ensures that customers receive assistance promptly when needed.

Liberty STF

Website: Liberty STF

Contact: 1-888-494-8103

American Auto Shield

Contact: 1-800-856-3334

Xcelerate Auto: The EV and Tesla Specialist

In contrast, Xcelerate Auto focuses solely on electric vehicles, positioning itself as a leader in this niche market. With the rise of EV popularity, Xcelerate Auto's specialized services cater specifically to the unique needs of electric vehicle owners, particularly Tesla owners.

EV-Specific Coverage:

Xcelerate Auto offers warranties that include coverage for critical EV components like the battery pack and electric drive unit, which are not typically covered by traditional warranty providers. This focus on EV-specific components makes Xcelerate Auto the preferred choice for electric vehicle owners seeking comprehensive protection. With staff composed of former Tesla employees, they have the supply chains figured out when it comes to sourcing hard to find parts for your Model S, 3, X, Y, and even the Cyber Truck!

Innovative Services:

Understanding the complexities of electric vehicles, Xcelerate Auto provides services that go beyond standard warranties. This includes coverage for advanced electronics and the technology that drives autonomous features, something that's becoming increasingly important as vehicles evolve.

Xcelerate Auto

Contact: 1-877-302-1715

Conclusion: Making the Right Choice

Choosing between Liberty STF, American Auto Shield, and Xcelerate Auto depends largely on the type of vehicle you own and your specific needs.

For hybrid vehicle owners, both Liberty STF and American Auto Shield offer extensive coverage that ensures a wide range of components are protected.

However, for electric vehicle owners, especially those with Teslas, Xcelerate Auto offers tailored coverage that addresses the unique aspects of EV ownership, making it the standout choice for those with electric vehicles.

Understanding the coverage, specialization, and customer service of each provider will help you make an informed decision that aligns with your vehicle protection needs.

At Evergreen Auto Solutions we provide the most accurate and up to date information regarding repair, coverage, and limitation of coverage on all Hybrids and EVs.

Even if your specific component or part isn't covered or deemed “unsourceable”, odds are the team at Evergreen can find it, refurbish, and complete the repair.


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