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Stay Charged in 2023 with Chevrolet Volt & Cadillac ELR Hybrid Battery Packs!

Lightning Focused On Lithium

Leading the charge in reducing Hybrid and EV repair costs, Evergreen Auto Solutions of Miami, Florida is excited to announce we'll be kicking off 2023 with new hybrid battery products, including remanufactured Chevy Volt hybrid batteries and Cadillac ELR hybrid batteries with diagnostics, installation, and programming all included to ensure your vehicle is repaired precisely the way the engineers intended. Our proprietary cell matching process ensures a fresh from the factory balance across the entire hybrid battery pack preventing the dreaded "Engine Unavailable, Service Soon" or "Unable to Charge" messages from reappearing.

We begin the remanufacturing process by salvaging as much quality usable material as possible, and then recycle the defective components and cells though our ecosystem. Once the defective components and cells have been replaced, the hybrid battery pack undergoes a lengthy deep cycle process to dial in a near-zero voltage variance across the modules.

Pictured: Test example of a diagnostic report performed during hybrid battery analysis post-deep cycling and balancing.

Once the voltage variance has reached factory specification, the hybrid battery is then load tested while observing discharge rates and thermal readings. Finally, the hybrid battery pack's coolant loop is then pressure tested to confirm a liquid tight seal.

Pictured: Cadillac ELR / Chevrolet Volt hybrid battery undergoing state of health analysis.

Our installation process takes place at one of our partner facilities in South Florida and includes coolant bleeding, module programming, and final diagnostic tests taking approximately 36-48 hours to ensure a full wall charge, drive cycle drain, and then final wall charge before delivering to the customer.

Pictured: Removal and replacement of the hybrid battery at one of our network facilities.

Contact us for a free consultation or submit a request for your hybrid battery replacement today!


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