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Maintenance Tips for Hybrid or Electric Vehicles (EV, BEV, REX)

Modern vehicles, especially Hybrid and Electric Vehicles have an uncanny feel of a new smartphone or similar modern electronic gadget that we use day to day without thinking twice about it. Most of these devices are solid-state, composed of stationary components that require little to no maintenance due to their simplistic architecture, with the internal software doing most of the heavy lifting. But what the average Hybrid/EV owner doesn't realize is that their vehicles share about 70% of its parts with other traditional ICE ( Internal Combustion Engine ) vehicles, meaning those 70% of parts still degrade over time and require regular maintenance. Beyond the part sharing, the average EV or BEV still has fluids used for lubrication or temperature regulation throughout all of the solid state electronics, high voltage battery, and the motor/generators. Manufacturer service intervals differ from vehicle to vehicle, but the need for required maintenance is absolutely imperative if you’re looking to extend the life of your vehicle and its costly Hybrid/EV components.

Wearable components include but are not limited to:

Brake Pads and Rotors

Shocks, Coils, Struts

Electric Steering Racks, Inner & Outer Tie Rods

Upper & Lower Control Arms, Bushings, Sway Bar Links, Dampeners

Spark Plugs ( Hybrid & REX )

Ignition Coils ( Hybrid & REX )

Engine Air Filter ( Hybrid & REX )

Various ICE sensors that degrade over time such as the Mass Airflow, Oxygen o2, Air/Fuel, etc. ( Hybrid & REX )

Motor Generator Gear Oil Filters

Average required maintenance includes:

DOT 3 & DOT 4 Brake Fluid Flush

Inverter / Motor Electronics Coolant Flush

High Voltage Battery Coolant Flush

Engine Coolant Flush ( Hybrid & REX )

Gear Oil Flush for the Motor Generators

Transmission Flush ( Hybrid & some REX)

Here at Evergreen Auto Solutions we’re able to service your Hybrid, Range Extended EV, or traditional EV / BEV at a dealer-level without the dealer prices or inconvenient wait times. Our ASE L3 Hybrid/EV certified technicians ensure the repair process is always conducted within the manufacturer guidelines with the utmost care and expertise for your costly and extremely sensitive powertrain components. With our 2 year warranty on parts and labor you’ll have peace of mind while saving time and money by avoiding the dealer. Give us a call and speak with one of our highly trained advisors to schedule your next appointment!


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