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South Florida's
Hybrid & EV Experts

Hybrids and Electric Vehicles are complicated. We're the specialists who can help. 

Toyota Prius Batteries In Stock!

Hybrid Battery Replacement

Professional installation & dealer level diagnostics 

2 & 5 Year/unlimited mile warranties

Financing options available.

Mobile Diagnostics
for Hybrids

ASE L1 & L3 certified technicians

Dealer level diagnostics 

 Assistance at your home, place of work, or anywhere in between

Mobile Diagnostic Appointments For Hybrids

Our experienced technicians will come to your home,  workplace, and everywhere in between to assess your vehicle.


We perform a 30 point digital vehicle inspection with dealer level tools, providing you with repair and maintenance solutions that can be completed at your location, or at one of our partner repair facilities. We respond to all counties in South Florida.  



Recent Blog Posts


Tyler M. from Miami

I cannot speak highly enough of Wes's professionalism and service at Evergreen Auto Solutions. I have a 2008 Toyota Prius that---due to age and wear---has required a couple of services. In August, Wes fixed my dashboard unit which provides illumination to the speedometer, odometer, and other features. I was told by an established garage in Miami that they could not do the repair due to "back order" on the part. After discussing the issue with Wes, he directed me to a wholesaler with the part in stock. I ordered the part and he installed it without issue. It has worked perfectly since. Shortly after, I had to replace the trunk latch. I took the car to Wes's garage on Saturday morning. Within an hour, he showed me the problem, replaced the latch, and I was on my way. Wes is knowledgeable, he is informative, and he is extremely fair in his pricing. High level of professional service. I will take my Prius to him for any future issue.



Neil R. from Miami

I cannot recommend more highly Evergreen Auto Solutions.  My 2012 Camry Hybrid had a warning light stating that I needed to check the hybrid system.  When I checked with my regular garage, they told me I needed to go to a Toyota dealer.  I was quoted $6500 to replace the battery and do other maintenance.  I declined the work.  I did some research and found Evergreen Auto Solutions.  I spoke to Wes who was outstanding.  He came to my house timely and thoroughly checked out my car.  He fully explained to me the problem with the battery and the procedures they use to check the battery  and to restore replacement batteries.  He even check and fixed a problem with one of my sensors.  He was passionate about having the car run well.  After he replaced the battery, my car is running better than ever.  I just clocked over 46 mpg on a trip.  That's the most I have gotten in years.  My repair cost was less than 1/3 of the dealer's quote.  Very pleased and it was a real pleasure dealing with Wes.


About Us

Evergreen Auto Solutions is your complete Hybrid & EV mobile repair provider. Experiencing an issue with your vehicle? Our experienced and certified technicians will come to you! From battery failures, electrical concerns, A/C issues, and more - we have you covered. Our thorough inspection process is designed to accurately identify the problem, so we can give you the best solution for getting you safely out on the road again. We also offer battery reconditioning and fully rebuilt batteries for many makes and models. Our 2 year warranty comes standard on all parts and labor, guaranteed.

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